Voxtric – Update 1: A new game engine

The above video is the first video that I released just documenting where I was up to with Voxtric. This is a little while after the prototype as it took me a fairly large amount of time to rap my mind around OpenGL, Bullet (physics library) and the maths involved in games. I had always been aware that a game engine was a very different undertaking to the production of a game and that Unity3D was doing all the heavy lifting for me, but I never truly appreciated it until this point.

By this point, I had got a very basic rendering pipe-line with OpenGL 3 going and procedural mesh generation to go with it so that the voxel data could be represented. I had the most basic implementation of lighting to give any objects in the scene a bit of definition, but otherwise it was all incredibly basic, and a long shot from what I had working back in Unity3D. That said, it was also working much faster at this stage than it had at the same stage in Unity3D, so it was certainly showing promising results.

Obviously there were lots of issues, a fairly major crash that can be seen in the video, and some fairly poor design decisions, but this was my first foray into creating a game engine, so this was all to be expected. Fast forward to the time of writing and the vast majority of these issues have either been dealt with, or are in the process of being dealt with. I have come to terms with the fact that it’s easy to identify an endless list of things that need to be done, the hard bit is the prioritisation.