Apps – The LP Group

The LP Group is a series of businesses owned by Lyndon Pallet which deal in quarries, land remediation, and general landfill. I created two apps for this business, one of which was for Android devices, and the other of which was for Windows Desktop. There is currently a third app in development to manage their routine maintenance logging, but at the date of writing (18/12/2016), I haven’t yet completed it.

LP Collection/Shoot Ticket Generator

The LP Group's Android app

The first app that I created for the LP Group is the Android app that recorded all information regarding any one sale at any one site. On command of the user or when enough tickets had been made, these tickets were then all uploaded to the central office where the accounting process on them could then begin. The app was written in Java and I used Android Studio to create

Before this point, I had never written anything for a paying customer who was expecting quality and support, so it was a very hard and fast learning curve to bring my coding habits up to a professional standard. However, I honestly believe that I have managed this, and it is a skill I transfer between my Java, C#, and C++ projects quickly and easily.

LP Sales Quote Generator

The LP Group's desktop appThe second app that I created for the LP Group was the Windows Desktop app that simplified the process of generating quotes for potential customers. By presenting a GUI where the Sales Managers could pick and choose elements of the letter they wanted, it negated the occurrence of errors occurring in the quotes being made. Selecting different service types result in different options being available.

Again, this app was written using Java due to the speed with which it allowed me to develop the app.  It was commissioned directly after the completion of the previous app.